Top 10 tifos of 2023-24 RSL

One of the many features the Roshn Saudi League is known for is its passionate fanbase, with Saudi Arabia boasting some of the most dedicated supporters in Asia, if not the world.

They can be not only enthusiastic, but colourful and creative too, their “tifos” – a banner or image held up by club fans, typically pre-match – often capturing attention throughout the Kingdom and far beyond its borders. Sometimes they even get Cristiano Ronaldo’s seal of approval. What better endorsement is there than that?

Here, we’ve put together a selection of the most memorable tifos of the 2023-24 RSL, from Al Nassr’s homage to their superstar captain, to Al Ahli’s ominous “Horror Squad” warning, to champions Al Hilal’s continued innovation, and the Al Shabab and Al Fateh faithful heralding their new homes.