Saudi Pro League and MEDGULF forge partnership to uplift community and sport

The Saudi Pro League (SPL) today announced the signing of a partnership deal with MEDGULF, a leading insurance company in the region, in a strategic move that highlights the blossoming synergy between sports and corporate partnerships.

The collaboration until the end of the 2024/2025 season not only heralds a new chapter for the RSL but also strengthens the bond between football fans and health awareness throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It comes at a time where approximately 80% of the Saudi population are actively engaged with football – be it through watching, playing, or following the beautiful game – emphasizing the sport's profound influence within the community. MEDGULF's partnership with the RSL is poised to leverage this passion, elevating both the sports culture and the standard of insurance services provided to the sports sector.

Saad Al Lazeez, the Saudi Pro League's interim CEO, said: “The Roshn Saudi League is thrilled to enter this partnership agreement with MEDGULF, a titan in the regional insurance market. This agreement goes beyond traditional branding; it is a testament to our shared commitment of enriching the lives of football fans by integrating the protective essence of insurance with the unifying spirit of football.”

Omar Al Mahmoud, CEO of MEDGULF, echoed this enthusiasm, adding: “MEDGULF is proud of our partnership with the Roshn Saudi League, which has rapidly become the focus of the sporting world. Our company’s investment in sports is an investment in health that actively contributes to raising the quality of life.

“We seek, through our presence in the sports community, to raise the level of insurance services provided in the sports sector, in addition to various insurance programs overall. We also aim to enhance our brand awareness among Saudi football fans by presenting events, activations, and offers in conjunction with our partnership of the Roshn Saudi League.”

As the sports industry in Saudi Arabia witnesses unparalleled growth, the collaboration between the SPL and MEDGULF further solidifies the commitment to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.

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