Ten reasons to play RSL Fantasy

Sunday the 12th of November marks the official launch of the RSL Fantasy in its inaugural season, and with two weeks to go until the first deadline, we have taken the time to list 10 reasons why you shouldn’t waste a moment to jump on the bandwagon now.

Growing your knowledge

Are you a fairly new follower of the Roshn Saudi League? Playing RSL Fantasy is an excellent way to deepen your knowledge of the league. Need to free up funds to have both Cristiano Ronaldo and Aleksandar Mitrovic? What’s more, the search for that SAR4 defender who is a regular starter could lead down a path of learning about squads from Al Tai to Al Okhdood. By the end of the season, you will be an expert in all things RSL.


The confusion

It’s derby day in Riyadh, you are a sworn Al Nassr supporter and you spent the whole week building up to the game imagining the collective “Siiiu!” as Ronaldo celebrates a hat-trick, but then it hits you. Last week, you doubled up on defensive assets from Al Hilal; a Ronaldo treble means negative points for Yassine Bono and Saud Abdulhamid. All of a sudden, you’re OK with a last-minute 1-0 win for Al Nassr, with Abdulhamid being subbed off minutes before that.

That is the pain and beauty of RSL Fantasy: at times it makes you go against your instincts and cheer for a player just because he’s in your team. Even if, one week ago, you could not stand the sight of their jersey.


A life-changing opportunity

Let’s face it, we have all pictured ourselves in the place of the many stars who have made the move to the RSL over the summer.

And while playing RSL Fantasy is not going to make you as well-remunerated as Ronaldo, the prospect of winning SAR250,000 ($66,000) at the end of the season, should you finish top, can have a transformative impact on most of our lives.

And what better way to chase that coveted prize than simply watching some football and engaging in the weekly dilemmas of selecting the right captain, making the right substitutions, or merely identifying the differentials who will set you apart from your rivals. And don’t worry, if you fall just short of winning the top prize, there are still awards of SAR150,000 and SAR100,000 for managers who finish second and third respectively.


You’re in control

Is your RSL team struggling this season? Are the manager’s seemingly inexplicable decisions frustrating you week-in and week-out? Many of us have been in situations where we wish we were in charge of the destiny of our beloved clubs.

When you play RSL Fantasy, you’re taking control of the fate of your own team. It is your selections, your utilization of the budget and your substitutions that determine where you finish at the end of the season, and it is indeed you who will be walking away with big rewards should you beat your rivals to the top spots. For a change, this time you are in control.


The Chaos

It’s top versus bottom in the RSL, the league leaders are at home and on a 10-match winning streak. You do the reasonable thing and captain the starting striker for the hosts as he chases yet another hat-trick. Bring in the weekend, make it rain points!
You know what comes next. It had to be the night we witness the biggest upset of the season: your captain blanks as the leaders fall to a 1-0 grab-and-smash defeat. And, to make matters worse, the star striker you trusted to win you big receives a late yellow card to ensure his week finishes on just the solitary point. 


Bringing people together

Playing RSL Fantasy is a great way to connect with people. Create your own league at school, work or community, or even with your followers on your preferred social media network. And immediately build a connection through the shared experience of joy and pain that is RSL Fantasy.
Fantasy WhatsApp groups are a great way to exchange tips, discuss the latest RSL news and make some ever-lasting friendships through a joint passion for the game. 


The Bragging rights

Be it correctly predicting an exceptional performance, or identifying a differential before everyone else has caught up, or unearthing a gem of a youngster who then goes on to set the league alight, we all secretly love to brag about our little achievements that reflect our superior football knowledge.
RSL Fantasy is yet another channel for us to show our friends and colleagues who’s the boss, so get your mini league set-up, do your homework and get playing.


Every game matters

It’s easy to get hyped up for the local derby, the top-of-the-table clash, or the star-studded encounter of the weekend. But, once you get into RSL Fantasy, even the most seemingly modest mid-table match-up becomes a spectacle to look forward to.
It’s the Saturday 9PM kick-off and your last hopes for the week are hanging on the back-up striker for a relegation-struggling side coming up trumps. You will no doubt tune in for their away trip to some similarly out-of-form team, just for the RSL Fantasy points.


Numbers, numbers, numbers

Whether it is analysing the past performances of players through the lens of attacking returns, making a call on when to use your chips to gain an advantage over your league rivals, or flipping through fixture difficulty rankings, RSL Fantasy is all about number crunching. And that’s part of the fun.
Get your notebook out, build a spreadsheet and get calculating. There is no such thing as too much effort in the pursuit of the grand prizes of RSL Fantasy. 


It’s free and easy to join

For all the fun of RSL Fantasy, the prospect of winning big will cost you the grand total of SAR0 and it takes a minute to register and set up your team. All you need to do is to head up to https://bit.ly/SPLFantasy_EN and register a new account. So let’s get to it. Or, as we say in Saudi Arabia, Yalla!